The Douglas Public School District’s vision of STEM Integration is to build STEM literacy through fostering an interdisciplinary approach to learning in which science, technology, engineering and mathematics are integrated in all subject areas and applied to real world contexts. We want our students to be 21st-century, life-long learners who can communicate, collaborate, and think creatively and critically across disciplines in order to be effective, educated creators and consumers of scientific and technical information. Through participation in active, inquiry-based learning experiences, we seek to prepare our students for success in college and the global workforce, and to equip them to apply their skills and knowledge in developing innovative solutions that will improve the quality of life in both our community and our world.

STEM Integration Goals

  1. Increase STEM literacy for all students, including those who do not pursue STEM related careers or additional study in the stem disciplines
  2. Raise the achievement of all students so that they are prepared to create and use technology in their learning, college, community, and careers
  3. Inspire learning which benefits the common good, resulting not only in individual gains in STEM skills, but also in stronger communities as a result of students applying their skills to solve relevant community issues
  4. Foster the skills and abilities needed for students to be educated and intelligent creators and consumers of scientific and technological information related to their everyday lives
  5. Prepare students with the necessary knowledge and skills to enter careers of their choice, including (but not limited to) careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics

STEM Integration Learning Expectations

All students will be able to:
  1. Work effectively both independently and in diverse teams
  2. Plan and carry out investigations
  3. Evaluate information critically and carefully
  4. Construct explanations and design solutions
  5. Draw conclusions based upon data
  6. Utilize STEM skills and concepts to be effective creators and consumers of STEM knowledge and information

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